Frequently Asked Questions

General FAQ

What is Magic Men Live?

If you and your friends are way overdue for a night out, Magic Men Live is your answer! Magic Men Live is the premier ladies’ night concert experience that will change the way you think about male revue shows forever! It is high-energy, intensely immersive and interactive experience that will have you on the edge of your seat!

The show consists of a talented and diverse cast of some of the sexiest, most handsome and lovable men alive as they take you on a journey through every fantasy that’s ever crossed your mind, LIVE and right in front of your eyes!

What do you mean when you say the show is “interactive”?

It means you should get ready to dance, sing, scream, let loose… Oh, and get HANDS ON!

HANDS ON? You mean, we can touch the guys!? But what if I’m shy or not comfortable!

YAAAAAASSSSSSSS! But of course, if you’re not comfortable there is no pressure too! The guys are extremely respectful and conscious of everyone’s vibe and comfort level!

Is there any nudity in the show?

Reads writing on hand Ehem “State laws prohibit nudity in a live entertainment capacity. Magic Men Live respects and honors all state and venue regulations and rules.” …But wardrobe malfunctions DO happen from time to (all the) time. 😉

This isn’t one of those raunchy/cheesy male strip shows, is it?

Farrrr from it. Magic Men Live is in a league of its own with a level of production and showmanship unmatched in the industry. (Just check their star rating on Ticketmaster!) It is a professionally produced show with the perfect balance of class, sex appeal, comedy, and raciness. 😉

What should I wear?

Wear whatever makes you feel comfortable or the hottest version of yourself! You could also always show your support by wearing one of the official Magic Men merchandise items! It’s definitely one way to get extra love from the guys!

Are photo’s and/or video’s allowed?

Videos are not allowed to prevent live-streaming of the show (defeats the whole purpose of Magic Men LIVE, doesn’t it?) Photos are allowed as long as the flash is off!

How are women picked to be on stage for acts?

Most are picked randomly by performers, the host and/or the stage manager. There are also mid-show contests that will allow for a chance for you or a friend to get on stage!
(All on-stage participation is 100% complimentary)

Do you need to tip the guys when they do stage/group dances or come into the audience?

It is not mandatory, but it is definitely FUN when women make it rain on stage or to slip a few bills into the dancers pants as he comes by you in the audience. 😉

How old do you need to be to attend and do I need to bring my ID?

Most shows are 18+ but may vary for certain venues. Always check the ticketing link for the event you want to attend to be sure of the age limit. You will also need to bring a valid form of ID (Drivers license, permit and or passport.)

Where can I get tickets?

Tickets will be available through the official Magic Men Live website or by clicking the link in the event page on the Official Magic Men Live Facebook! (

I don’t see a show listed near me yet! What do I do?

Don’t worry! The guys come to all parts of the country! Make sure to sign up for their email list via their website and turn their post notifications on social media accounts so you can be sure to get notified as soon as they announce their tours!

Awesome! I really want to get good seats! How do I make sure that I do!?

Again, sign up for their email list! Also, make sure you’re following them on all their social accounts with post notifications! The guys try to hook up their most dedicated fans with first dibs, so that’s the best way to stay up to date on new tour announcements and on sale dates!

All the good seats are sold out! Is it still worth going?

Of course! Honestly, the show can be enjoyed from every seat in the house! There’s no bad view. (Just wait until you see what they do with their ‘close up’ cam!) Although closer seats are likely to get more interaction, there are parts of the show where the guys make their way all throughout the audience so everyone feels included!

Meet & Greets

Wait, there’s an opportunity to Meet the guys? Like up close..

..And personal. Yes! Alls you need is a Meet & Greet pass!

How can I get a Meet and Greet pass?

Meet and Greet upgrades are available for purchase on or can be purchased at the merch table the night of your show. If purchasing online, please make sure to check in at the merch table to redeem your pass! (Please note that these are very limited and DO NOT include admission to the show. Show ticket must be purchased separately.)

What is the cost of a Meet and Greet upgrade?

$50.00 per person

How long are the Meet and Greets?

Meet and Greets are usually 30-45mins. Enough time for the guests to spend a little time with each guy.

What does the Meet and Greet include?

Meet & Greets include a commemorative Magic Men Meet & Greet Laminate that will be autographed during the Meet & Greet, also the opportunity to take photos and selfies with each guy as well a group photo with all of the guys.

Is there enough time to meet all the dancers?

Yes, as long as you don’t keep certain one’s too long. 😀

Will the group picture be taken with our phones/camera?


When does the Meet and Greet happen?

Approximately 30 minutes after the show comes to an end.


Slow your roll honey, I’m just getting to the juicy stuff!


Hot Seats, you say? What are thoooose?

Hold onto your panties baby because Hot Seats is a segment of the show where ALL the dancers come out into the audience! The entire room turns into one giant dance party with the all of the Magic Men! It is a fun, sexy and VERY interactive part of the show that gives you the opportunity to even get a ‘Hot Seat’ dance from one of the guys!

Do you HAVE to get a “Hot Seat”?

Not at all! It’s meant to be a fun “let loose” part of the show. You can still have a blast dancing and watching the action! Who knows. Maybe you’ll change your mind once you see it. 😉

WHAT? What is a “Hot Seat Dance?” Just out of curiosity…

GUURRRRLLLLLLL, You can expect the ride of your life! Each of the Magic Men has their own signature style that varies from guy to guy, each with their own unique touch. 😉

Can you touch the guys while they do a Hot Seat dance?

Of course! Please be gentle and respectful! Please do not scratch, bite, pull, grab, poke or otherwise do anything that might hurt the guys!

HOLY SH*T! I mean, oh that’s cool. How much are the Hot Seat dances and how would one go about getting one?

Just hold a Twenty Dollar Bill up high and one of the guys will work their way over to you!

PSHH, Don’t gotta tell me twice! When will I know it’s time for hot seats?

The Host will announce the HOT SEAT segment (MID SHOW)… At that point, the guys will scatter throughout the entire room and the craziness will begin! (And don’t worry, all sections of the venue get love!)

Do all Magic Men performers offer Hot Seat dances?


How do you pay the dancers for a Hot Seat dance?

All Men have their signature style! You can hand it to them directly, slip it into their underwear or they may even take your hand and run it down their bodies and show you where to place the bill. 😉

The thought of all this has me, ummmm… Ya, I think I’m ready! Thank you for the info!

You’re Welcome. Now go grab your tickets! 😉